Since 1951

We have been devoted to high precision machining and toolmaking.
We initially concentrated on supplying the local industry with spare parts, mechanical assemblies and devices that required various precision machining processes.

As from the mid-seventies, foreseeing the important development that was about to take place in the plastics industry, the firm decided to devote its intellectual and technological know-how to the construction of all types of thermoplastic blow and injection molds.

From our beginnings, we have sought to stay at the forefront in technology, processes, training and services. With hard work, reliability and planning, we strengthened our position as a reliable supplier of high precision machining services and molds for the plastic industry.

Our close and constant interaction with our customers was key to meeting their daily requirements, seeking the best way of satisfying them and granting specific solutions. Our intention
is to be regarded by customers as the solution to their needs and problems.

We work to face the challenges of this new globalized world. We stay alert and focus permanently on improving our competitiveness, our efficiency, our costs and our quality. First and foremost, we take special care of our most valuable asset: our human resources.


Human Resources:

The appraisal of human resources, both in the world and in our company, has changed and evolved over the years.

Nowadays, employees are no longer just “manpower”; they are “human capital” that has to be comprehensively valued in a holistic way taking into account their technical skills, their emotional side and their personal side. Our staff is a core part of our production team, contributing with innovative solutions derived from their expertise; cooperating in the improvement of productivity and, as a result, of efficiency and competitiveness.

We feel responsible for the appraisal of our employees, that is why we invest in training and motivation for every one of them to reveal their best talents, and, above all, to make them feel part of a cohesive team that works for the satisfaction of our customer’s needs.


Currently, QUALITY is not just about the assurance of production processes, or about products or services being manufactured according to established norms or dimensional standards.

Hence, our customers demand QUALITY in an all-encompassing way: functionality, satisfaction, competitive prices, product or service durability, respect for contract terms and respect for and compliance with labour laws and corporate social responsibility.

We work every day to exceed our customer’s expectations.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that today there is a new view on business that integrates respect for ethical values, human beings, the community, and the environment, always aiming at investors’ profits and benefits, but, at the same time, adding social and environmental value. We assume responsibility for respect of ethical and moral values as well as for labour and corporate laws.

We nurture friendly relationships with our neighbors, both with families and firms, within our possibilities. We respect and commit ourselves to environmental and to final industrial
waste disposal regulations. We constantly upgrade the efficiency of our facilities to enhance energy use.

We cooperate with our customers in the improvement of processes to better the efficiency of energy use and reduce waste by streamlining designs and extending their
products durability.

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